Rudd, Gillard, Rudd, Abbott & Turnbull have all fallen victim of their colleagues conspiring to sack a leader mid term, thus demonstrating many MP's work in their self interest!

If Leaders can not trust their own colleagues, how can we the people be expected to trust these CAREER politicians?

Why trust me? well l will say,

  • Running for Federal Parliament as an Independent is a massive challenge, the playing field is not even and the rules are far from fair, the odds are stacked against me.
  • My name and my head will be in the public spotlight, it will attract trolls and all kinds of negative remarks from some competitors (supporters) and some of the public.
  • Precious time to spend with family and friends will be negatively impacted before, during and possibly after this election campaign process
Despite the above mentioned points, i will give this my absolute best, because Government of recent years have failed us people, too often ignoring the concerns, needs and interests of our people and our great country. It is time for some Real, Everyday Australians to start influencing the decisions made by Government.

My heart is in the right spot, my intentions are genuine and l know i can represent the people of Casey and the broader Australian population better than many others.

l am doing this because i can
l am doing this because i must
I am doing this because of YOU!


P.S. If you are looking for additional reason for why you can place your faith and trust in me, please look at the web pages which talk about some of the things l have been doing within the community over the past few years. Not one to blow my own trumpet, but l must say 320 (or so) FREE JUMPING CASTLE SERVICES surely demonstrates my best of intentions and my genuine desire to do what l can for the community.

Thanks for reading, Cheers!